Addiction Counseling

Find Hope and Healing with Addiction Counseling

Evolve’s professional counseling services restore purpose and hope for those struggling with substance use disorders. Our individual and group therapy sessions, and options for creative expression and wellness, our patients learn the skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Individual Therapy

Evolve offers individual addiction counseling with our professional staff. These confidential sessions help patients examine their emotions and behaviors to get to the root of their addiction. Counselors may also cover barriers to recovery, managing cravings and withdrawals, relationship issues, and personal goals.

Group Therapy Sessions

In group therapy, patients find connections and support with peers in the same stage of recovery. Group sessions at Evolve offer a safe environment to share struggles and successes and improve communication and listening skills.

Creative and Recreational Therapy Options

We also offer unique therapy options that help patients express their feelings and learn healthy coping skills through creative and wellness activities. Patients can participate in art therapy, music therapy, yoga, and other recreational sessions at many of our locations.

Our Suboxone Locations

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Suboxone Clinic

Suboxone Clinic

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Suboxone Clinic

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