Gender-Specific Programs

Evolve Addiction Womens Housing

Sober Living That Feels Like Home

Evolve knows that women and men experience addiction and recovery in different ways, often requiring a unique approach. Our affordable gender-specific programs are offer specialized programming that includes supervised sober housing, IOP and PHP options, MAT, and music and art therapy.

Group of Women in Recovery

Women's Recovery Program

Evolve’s Women’s Recovery Program provides a safe, encouraging environment to help women overcome addiction to find their true sense of purpose. Our program addresses the root causes of a woman’s drug or alcohol addiction through proven clinical methods and creative therapies, exploring underlying issues such as trauma, depression, and self-destructive behavior.

We welcome any adult woman seeking lasting recovery, including those who are pregnant.

Group of Women in Recovery
Group of guys at breakfast (Evolve Addiction Treatment)

Men's Recovery Program

The Men’s Recovery Program at Evolve is a place where men struggling with addiction can find hope and healing in a community of supportive peers. Our professional staff helps men uncover issues that may be preventing them from sustaining recovery, such as trauma or depression. We also help men develop healthy outlets and coping mechanisms so they can return to a productive, meaningful life. 

Our men’s program is available to males ages 18 and older who are ready to commit to making positive life changes.

Addiction Treatment that Accepts TennCare

Affordable Addiction Treatment

Evolve Addiction Treatment’s programs are both affordable and convenient. We accept TennCare and offer flexible private pay options at our locations across East Tennessee.

Addiction Treatment that Accepts TennCare